Saturday, June 23, 2007


He walks around like he has an S on his chest. My personal superman. Much too fly for this corny, dilapidated club he's currently performing at. Whatever pays the bills I guess. These people don't even understand. Don't even appreciate the genius that is before them. A quick glance around proves that. People are laughing, talking over one another trying to make invalid points, swallowing the last of the mind-altering concoctions resting in their clear plastic cups. None even aware.

The king up on the stage isn't bothered as much by this as I am. He's off in his own plane..soulfully singing of love lost and regained in a dimly lit room. His fingers flutter over the black and white keys like he's been doing this his whole life. This man is making my insides shiver. What would my girlfriends think?

They'd say "girl, he is too fine. And he can sing. Go for it."

I've never made the first move. Ever. Never had to. Men have always poured in abundance around these parts. I make it a point to never appear that desperate. But this one. Whew. This one is making me not care. Abandon all of the self-implemented rules. I think I'm gonna talk to him. No, I know I'm going to talk to him. Why not? I'm grown. Educated. Pretty. And if I must say so myself I'm looking the part of a real head-turner tonight. I feel grown and sexy. He should be honored.

His set winds down and he looks around, whispers a deep voiced "thank you" to the five of us who were actually paying attention. It's hard to keep a room full of Josh Grayson fans interested in his Mos Def demeanor and Raheem Devaughn soul grooves. That's okay. I'm hooked. And that's enough. He looks so out of place with his Okayplayer t-shirt and jeans. The crowd patiently waits for their karaoke party to begin, break out the Kelly Clarkston cds.

I stand, smooth the imaginary wrinkles out of my black pants. Pull my black halter down over the top of them. Check the toes peeking out of my black sandals for any signs of a pedicure emergency. Fluff up my huge halo of kinky ringlets in my reflection on the bar. Hotness.

But I'm still nervous.

Mr Too Fine For His Own Good is off to the left of the stage, engaged in a spirited conversation with a 30something white man with spiky Hollywood hair, not noticing me and my mini meltdown at all. I take a a last sip of my luke-warm water and walk towards him carefully, confidently. The last thing I need is some blooper reel worthy fall right now.

Oh snap. I see the 30something white man stroll past me, giving the appreciative smile that all white men give black women that they can't have. Mr Too Fine notices that, notices me. His eyes smile. His lips follow. Even his teeth are beautiful. I'd thank his mama right now if I could.

I don't notice that he's walking towards me until he's a foot in front of me.

"This makes eight." He says and smiles.

He smells like Heaven. I inhale deeply.

"Eight?" I just know he is not counting all the women who have approached him tonight.

"Yes, eight. I have seen you sitting in that exact same spot at that exact same table eight times in the last two months. Seven of those times I was too stupid to talk to you."

I smile. "You have any history of stalking in your past?"

"I should be asking you the same thing. I know you're not here every Tuesday cause you like the food." He shoots, one eyebrow raised.

"This is my getaway. I go out with friends on the weekends, but this, Tuesdays are my day to spend time with me. To know self is to love self, right?"

"Oh definitely, in your case I can appreciate that. I feel the same way about coming here. Cause you know the majority of these people in here don't even pay me any attention. If i wasn't doing it for would pretty much be pointless."

"No, you'd be doing it for me." My words are coming out smoother than I expected. Good.

His smile is genuine. "I'm sorry, I'm being rude. My name is Abram, yours?"

He extends his hand. It is surprisingly soft.

"Ata. And no, it isn't a stage name." I say, anticipating his next question. It's one I have been asked many a time.

"Ah, okay. I was just wondering what it means, didn't peg you as someone who would have a stage name."

"Why not? It means 'a gift'. Ata Nafia. Arabic and Swahili. My first and middle name both mean the same thing. My mother had difficulties having children. I was her last attempt, and the only child to live. I guess Gift was too ghetto."

He laughs. "Well it's beautiful. Fitting. And I only meant that I've seen you eight times here at open mic and you've never once gotten up on the stage. That's not someone who goes around telling people her stage name."

"Guess you're right."

Okay, so far he's doing well. He can count (at least up to eight), speak correct English, smiles a lot, compliments, pays attention to things, and hasn't called me baby, boo, ma, or sweetie yet. Good sign.

We walk out together and I head for my car, glad to have the whole anticipation of this meeting over with. I'm still slightly nervous, but the overwhelming sense of disappointment that usually accompanies a conversation with a gorgeous man such as himself has not come yet. Another good sign.

He lingers. Leans on my white Honda Accord. Asks if we can 'chat' sometime over coffee. Hands me a baby blue business card with a pic of a baby grand in the corner. Abram Montgomery. He gives the best deals on piano lessons for those age five and up according to his card. How sweet.

I tell him I may call, he just has to stay tuned to his cell to know. But I know I will.


Looking at him up close, he's almost unreal. The photographer in me admires his angles. Wishes i had my camera, he'd be nice to shoot. Strong chin. Full lips. cheekbones any female model would go under the knife for. But there's something else. Something magnetic. Maybe it's the moonlight casting the romantic glow on his peanut butter skin. Or the extreme sense of testosterone his tall, muscular frame is emitting. Or the way his smile travels from his mouth to his eyes. I don't know.

Abram Montgomery. Nice. I guess we'll see...


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Porscha said...

I love this! I will definitely be coming back for an update. Your ability to describe a scene is gorgeous, felt like I was there.

Anonymous said...

Sitting here waiting for more of this amazing story....*sighs and looks at wrist watch* lol.- Mizz Micah

Complicated Melody said...

When is the next installment? That was a very intriguing story.

Complicated Melody said...

When is the next installment? The story was very intriguing.

Natalie said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog. You're a good writer and I would like to read more of your stories in the future. Keep up the good work.

Cidersweet said...

Lovely. I kept thinking about it. U're definitelya captivating writer (sighs enviously...)

Anonymous said...

OK. I'm in. Nice flow, nice literary style, a sprinkling of what seems to be the real you (photography and hair). So far, so intriguing. Off to #2...

Samara Leigh said...

I really loved this first installment. I'll be catching up on the next 8 installments this weekend.

Which reminds me... I'm supposed to be working on my story right now.

The one said...

Your writing is excellent! I started reading the middle but you know I got to go to the beginning and read to catch up. Wonderful writing. Chip off the old block(smile)

The one said...

Hey baby girl, your writing is wonderful. I started reading in the middle but you know I got to start at the beginning because it's sooo good! Keep doin what you do!

Opinionated Diva said...

I'm extremely late, but I'm glad I can just go off to the next chapter without waiting.

So far I'm definitely sucked in!

Verbal Vixen (T Caldwell) said...

This was a great intro chapter. I am on chapter 7 now, trying to get caught up, but I had to come back and say that you hook the reader into this story immediately. The chapters are short and sweet yet full of emotion and get right to the point. Easy to read, great dialog, good premise, enjoyable characters.

Good stuff Muze, I am impressed.

Rich said...

I too am impressed. I have glanced over your writing before but never really took the time to dive in. I think I'm going to read it all in my spare time. I'm also going to send others over.

Good work. You definitely will, CTG

Brad Bechler said...

What a powerful piece. This type of Keeping It Real writing has drawn me into the storyline, wanting more. Your ability to go deep and weave vivid imagery is fascinating. I honor your writing, and look forward to you taking the world by storm with your work. said...

You're the coolest person I have ever met. Fun personality in person and a great writer that actually makes me laugh. That's cool. Never met a writer before. I'm gonna print this out and read it all.